Welcome to ReadingWise International

Our Mission

  • ReadingWise International invents desperately needed literacy, language and life skills programs that deliver stunning results.
  • We are experts in accelerated learning techniques.
  • We build and execute programs for corporates, NGOs and schools.
  • We teach illiterates to read, struggling readers to read fluently, the shy to speak, teachers to teach effectively, and students to learn everything twice as fast.

ReadingWise in Action

  • Our courses will take anyone from complete illiteracy all the way up to full employability.
  • ​Currently we work in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, the UK and Spain.
  • OVER A QUARTER OF A MILLION children and adults have graduated from ReadingWise courses over the last 10 years.

Success Stories

  • 200,000 women in rural India have been made literate through ReadingWise’s Hindi literacy program, TARA Akshar
  • 45,000 below-poverty-line unemployed youths across India have been trained in life skills, spoken English and vocational training;
  • Teachers in hundreds of Indian government schools have been retrained in accelerated learning techniques;
  • Every year, 30,000 schoolchildren entering Indian government secondary schools are given a 3 month cramming course using accelerated learning techniques to bring their maths and English up to secondary school standard.
  • Schoolchildren in the former war-torn areas of Northern Sri Lanka are learning to read and speak English at an unprecedented speed.

Funders of ReadingWise Programmes

ReadingWise Education Programmes Pvt Ltd is a social enterprise registered in India which operates internationally as ReadingWise International.
All pedagogical material and photos are copyright © ReadingWise Education Programmes Pvt Ltd 2017.