300,000 people have now had their lives changed by ReadingWise courses.
We believe that the best route out of poverty is literacy, life skills and language skills.

ReadingWise International invents desperately needed learning programs that no one else has built.

We build programs for NGOs, corporates and schools.

We teach illiterates to read, the shy to speak and everyone to learn everything twice as fast.

We have worked a lot in India, but also in Sri Lanka, UK, Spain and Myanmar.

Our LearningWise English Suite teaches how to read and speak English WITH CONFIDENCE.

  • It is unlike any other English language course - it uses a battery of rapid learning and memory techniques.
  • It is packed full of exercises to remove shyness and the fear of making mistakes.
  • Students on the course learn at the rate of 40 words per hour.
  • It teaches a vocabulary of 3,500 words.
  • It teaches sentence construction and all the main tenses without tedious grammar lessons.
  • It teaches pronounciation and how to chunk long difficult words.


Our TARA Akshar+ Hindi literacy program has enabled 200,000 women from rural India to learn to read and write Hindi (and count) in a TWO MONTH course.

On the left is one of our first graduates from 10 years ago who stood up at a graduation ceremony to READ a poem that she had just WRITTEN. 6 weeks earlier she had been completely illiterate.

Our Employability Life Skills programs teach how to communicate, how to train others, rapid learning techniques and lots more besides.

45,000 unemployed youths in below-poverty-line areas of India have graduated these courses AND went on to get jobs or higher education.

Learning in most parts of the world uses a centuries-old model of a teacher standing at the front of the class lecturing students verbally in a vain attempt to get them to retain information.

By contrast, ReadingWise courses are delivered by teachers who have turned into facilitators, and who get students to teach themselves using accelerated learning techniques and the multimedia material that contains the course content.  Students work in pairs and groups of 4 to encourage collaboration and working with others. If the facilitator is doing their job correctly, they will have very little to do except design lesson plans!

Following our TeachingWise course that we gave to government teachers in central India, hundreds of schools are now leaving the dark ages and using these rapid learning techniques.

All ReadingWise course facilitators are required to do this course.

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