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About us

Victor Lyons

Victor Lyons has had 3 successful careers:

He has worked in the UK, the USA, Spain and India. He now divides his time between Europe and India.

He is a past Visiting Research Fellow at the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

Sara Worsley-Lyons

Sara Worsley is an expert in creating and delivering training programs for young offenders, teenagers with emotional and behavioural problems, regular corporate adults and schoolchildren. She has worked in the UK, in Spain and in India. She has served on numerous UK government working groups to bring about policy and program content change in youth training and higher education. She is a published author on the subject of training programs for Special-Needs students, and the effectiveness of education and training in British educational establishments. She has spent many years running a coaching centre for IGCSE and IB students, and art-as-therapy for adults and children in Spain. She is also an artist in her own right, as well as being a published book illustrator and graphic designer.

She has been majorly responsible for the creation of the ReadingWise life skills courses that were used in the Employability project of the Indian Ministry of Rural Development. 45,000 unemployed youths have graduated these courses, AND found permanent employment.

She is the co-author of LearningWise English, our English language reading and speaking program.

Dr Tejwant Chhatwal

Dr Tejwant Chhatwal is a developmental psychologist and a scholar from Stanford University, specialising in Multiple Intelligence Practice. He is a certified soft skills trainer by Carnegie Mellon University. He has conducted over 2,700 workshops at more than 800 institutions. He has developed a diagnostic testing system to obtain a rich and descriptive understanding of a person's Multiple Intelligences Analysis Tool. He is a visiting Faculty member to 36 universities across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America and 27 schools (primary to secondary level). He is involved with Stanford University and V Campus Singapore - an off-shore holiday camp for gifted children.

Jeff Ross

Jeff Ross is an Independent Prince II project manager. He is a consultant with expertise in e-Assessment, e-learning and e-training. He is an expert in instructional design and qualification development. Previously, he was a senior manager with a major awarding body, where he was responsible for change management programmes associated with the introduction of ICT solutions to the delivery of education services and qualifications. His experience is in IT, education, publishing, logistics and business operations.

John Kerr

John Kerr is a former CEO of the Edexcel Foundation. John trained as a lawyer and held senior positions with the London Stock Exchange and FSA before his career in education. At the Edge Foundation, John sponsored three city academies, and commissioned the Edge Hotel School.

John is advisor and strategy consultant for a number of government agencies and private education bodies in UK and internationally.

Preeti Sharma Mohinty

Preeti is an experienced corporate trainer, NGO master trainer, and a trainer in the use of advanced memory techniques. She has taught life skills and literacy in rural and urban India, and Aids education in Zambia. She is one of the original team that developed the Tara Akshar literacy program, and she developed the Tara Akshar numeracy program.


About ReadingWise International

ReadingWise International is a social enterprise run by EEF - Education for Employment Foundation, an NGO registered in India. EEF runs education and mental health social enterprises.