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The ReadingWise Arabic Literacy Program for Arabic speakers

The Cure for Arabic Illiteracy

ReadingWise Arabic is a program which teaches illiterate people how to read and write. It uses new technologies for learning, including advanced memory techniques. It works on children and on adults. It works in cities and in rural areas. It uses computer software and an instructor, as well as special playing cards and writing books. The instructor does not have to be a trained teacher, but does have to do our authorised training course. It is run in a room with the instructor and the students; it is not an online self-taught class. It is the Arabic version of our Hindi literacy program Tara Akshar.

ReadingWise Arabic is a new program, although it uses the same pedagogy and technology as Tara Akshar. We are shortly going to be beta testing it. If you would like to participate, please contact us.

ReadingWise Arabic is for Arabic speakers who cannot read and write Arabic. We also have a program called LearningWise Arabic for English speakers who want to learn to read Arabic script and speak Arabic.