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The LearningWise Bridge Course

How to get tens of thousands of children entering secondary school up to speed in English and maths

This course is for children who have supposedly completed their primary school education, but are not up to a sufficient standard to start secondary school.

This is a problem in both the developed and the developing worlds.

We have found large numbers of children in India starting secondary school who cannot read and write their own language properly. Added to their difficulties in many states is that they are now going to be taught in English, and languge with which they have almost no familiarity.

The LearningWise Bridge Course bridges the gap between whatever level the child is currently at, and the level necessary to learn the secondary school curriculum IN ENGLISH. The main subjects taught are English literacy for ESOL/EAL (English for Speakers of Other Languages / English as an Additional Language ) learners, together with basic maths.

It is so called because it bridges the gap. It is a full-time crammer course.