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The LearningWise English Suite

How to Read and Speak and Listen and Write English with Confidence

This is the complete multimedia software program for learners whose native language is not English, but need to learn to read, write and talk English. It has the following learning objectives:

  • Listening: Ability to understand spoken English;
  • Reading: Ability to instinctively recognise English letters using the same techniques as our successful Hindi literacy program; ability to read English texts aloud and silently AND understand them;
  • Writing: Ability to write English cursive script;
  • Speaking: Ability to speak English on an impromptu basis that can be understood by others;
  • Grammar: Ability to recognise and use basic English grammar structures;
  • Vocabulary: The acquisition of a minimum 3500 word English vocabulary, learnt at the rate of around 30 words per hour using our advanced memory techniques.
  • Pronounciation:The program teaches pronounciation by teaching phonics.

It is suitable for both children and adults.

It is specifically designed for learners whose native language is not in the Roman Alphabet and for whom English is a second language. Instructions are available currently in Arabic, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hausa, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.

The full set of LearningWise English modules cover most of the syllabuses for CBSE-i, IELTS to level 4.5, CEFR to level B1 and state government curricula in India. If you have specific requirements to meet a specific curriculum, please contact us.

It is not possible to give a course length as the program is SELF-PACED. Learners work in pairs and learning rates vary enormously.

LearningWise English recognises that most non-English speakers have learnt English in school but cannot speak it with any confidence. The emphasis of the whole program is on confidence and fluency rather than strict accuracy.

All of our programs have been designed to work very well on learners with learning disabilities such as dyslexia.

Independent Evaluation

Here are links to a Randomised Control Trial of one of our programs under the auspices of the Univerity of Nottingham. This research paper referers to an early version of our PhonicsWise program, a module in our LearningWise English Suite.

ReadingWise English RCT Phase1 by Dr John Durkin
A user-friendly guide to Dr Durkin's paper

Read the full details of this program here (opens in a new tab):

LearningWise English Prospectus